The Co-Advocates of Ventura County supports individuals served at The Arc to understand their rights and responsibilities, provides opportunities for leadership, volunteerism and civic activism, and educates the public in order to cultivate a community of inclusion and respect for people with disabilities.


To achieve their goals, members attend monthly meetings and participate in activities that address issues facing the disability community. A major component of this effort includes Project R: Reconsider, Rethink, Respect, a self-advocacy campaign focused on eliminating the use of disrespectful references, such as the “R-word,” toward people with I/DD.  This powerful campaign is focused on educating members of the community, primarily high school students, to include and respect people with disabilities.



Project R was successfully launched in 2012 with a grant from the McCune Foundation and has spread its message of inclusion and acceptance to over 12,000 students in Ventura County.


For more information on our advocacy efforts and activities, contact Eric Rodriguez, Advocacy Coordinator, (805) 652-0541, Ext. 1320.