Community Living Services


The ability to live independently is a goal that many people set out to achieve. The Arc of Ventura County provides training and support to prepare individuals to live on their own.


Training for Independent Living (TIL) is a residential program designed to educate and assist individuals to live independently. The TIL Program focuses on effective decision-making and instruction on daily living skills; including meal preparation, banking, money management, personal care, housekeeping, accessing public transportation and safety.


The TIL Program is available in the City of Ventura. For additional information, contact:


TIL West County (Ventura) – 805-643-2288


Supported Services for Independent Living (SSIL) serves the needs of individuals who have successfully completed the TIL Program. Individuals receive minimal support to successfully maintain independence.


For information regarding the SSIL Program, contact (805) 650-8611, Ext. 3100.